Compare Dutch Car Insurance: Get a Cheap Insurance Quote

Geschreven op: 6 maart 2019

Dutch people know that if they need the cheapest car insurance of the Netherlands, they need to go to Lastenvrij.

On Lastenvrij you can compare car insurance quotes of allmost every insurance company in the Netherlands.

Since 2015 we helped tentausands of Dutch people with finding the cheapest car insurance and that is something we continue doing.

But offcourse also have a good and affortable car insurance for foreigners that live in the netherlands.

Just go ahead and make a comparison. Discover how much it cost to insure your car and compare the policy conditions of multiple insurancecompanies.

You need a Dutch license plate and an adres in the Netherlands. You also need an drive license from the European Union.

Its mandatory to have a car insurance!

Insurance for liability

In the Netherlands its mandatory to have a car insurance, for dutch people but also for people who live and work here and own a car.

From the moment your car is registrated on your name, you need to have a car insurance that covers liability. In the Netherlands we call it a ”WA autoverzekering”. Its an insurance that covers the damage that you make with your car to other people.

The ”WA autoverzekering” doensn”t cover the damage to your own car. To cover damage on your own car you can enclose a ”WA beperkt casco verzekering” or a ”WA volledig casco vezekering” also called ”all risk”.

Insure your own car

The WA beperkt casco verzekering is a more extensive insurance, that covers partially damage to your own car.

This insurance covers among other things: fire damage, theft of the car, widow damage and damage cause a collision with stray animals. Your own car is not insured for damage caused by vandalism or your own fault, for instance when you hit a pole next to the road.

They WA volledig casco verzekering (all risk) covers the same as the WA autoverzekering and the WA beperkt casco verzekering ánd also covers damage on your own car because of vandalism and your own fault.